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Waste King L-8000

First Look – Waste King L-8000 Legend Series 1.0-Horsepower Continuous Feed Garbage Disposal

Waste King L-8000Waste King has a series of garbage disposals called the Legend Series, and this is where you can find a unit that has the horsepower you need for your disposal needs.  They start at 1/2 HP and go up to 1 HP.  The Waste King L-8000 is the 1 HP unit and the cream of the crop when it comes to disposals.

If you have a busy kitchen, or even a small restaurant, this is the disposal you want to get.  Read on for the reasons why the Waste Kin L-8000 is so good. And make sure to take a look at our other garbage disposal reviews for more choices.


Features of the Waste King L-8000 Legend 1 HP Garbage Disposal

The Waste King L-8000 doesn’t take up a lot of room as it is only 9 inches wide and 14.25 inches tall.  There is also a 36 inch power cord that is included with each unit for plugging in under the sink.

You will also want to know that the grinding components are rust free, which is important for something around water most of the time.  Customers also love the removable splash guard because it is easy to keep it clean and the sink more sanitary.

The 1 HP motor runs at a high speed of 2,800 RPMs so grinding up all those scraps will never be a problem with the Waste King L-8000.  This unit also comes with a lifetime mechanical and corrosion warranty.


What Do Customers Love About It?

Customers say the Legend L-8000 will grind almost anything, plus it is a continuous-feed disposer.  They love the in-home service warranty and the fact that it is a fast and easy mount system.  All the hardware for the installation comes in the box.

Other customers loved that the unit is quiet and that the stopper and small bin make accidents a lot less likely.  In fact one customer compared her old disposal, like the growl of a bulldog, to her new Waste King L-8000, which is more like a loud but harmless Chihuahua!



The only negative we found is the small opening for food that comes with this unit.  While many customers love it because silverware and other items don’t fall in so easy, others didn’t like it because it’s harder to get the food down in to the disposal.

We think the smaller opening is really great because it can save objects that should not go down into the opening and it is a safety mechanism as well.



In conclusion we feel this disposal by Waste King is their top-of-the-line unit by far.  It is safe for septic tanks and has a powerful 1 HP motor that can grind up almost anything.  It is backed by a wonderful in-home warranty, which is almost unheard of these days, so the company really does stand behind their products.  Take a closer look at the Waste King L-8000, because we highly recommend it. For more information about this disposal, check out the link bar below.

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