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Chef’s Choice 609

First Look: Chef’s Choice 609 Premium Electric Food Slicer

Chef's Choice 609The secret to making sandwiches and other foods that you make at home taste as good as the ones you buy from a deli or a sandwich store, is expertly cutting the meat in slices that are just the right amount of thickness. Some meats need to be sliced extra thinly, while other meats need to be thicker. Now, most of us at home only have knives with which to cut our meats. The problem is though, that no matter how good you are with your knives and regardless of how sharp they are, you will never be able to cut with precision. Read our other meat slicer reviews.


If you want to cut your meat in slices that will all be of the exact same thickness and size, then you should get your hands on a meat slicer, like the ones they use in deli restaurants. Now, you may think that those wonderful devices are expensive and can only be afforded by restaurants and delis, but you’d be wrong. There is a very wide variety of models out there that have been designed with home use in mind and their price reflects that. In this review, we will take a look at one of the most popular meat slices on the market: the Chef’s Choice 609.


What makes the 609 stand out from all the other meat slicers out there, is its amazing build quality. All its structural components are made entirely out of cast aluminum and stainless steel, which not only makes the machine look really slick and cool in your kitchen, it also ensures that it will practically last you a lifetime. It also makes using the Chef’s Choice 609 a lot easier and smoother than most other meat slicers available on the market.


When it comes to meat slicers, their most important part is definitely the blade, since it is the one responsible for all the slicing. This is where the latest model from industry leaders Chef’s Choice, the 609, really shines. It comes equipped with a state of the art, 7-inch blade made entirely out of stainless steel. It canĀ  your meat in pretty much any thickness you’d like, ranging from extremely thin slices, as thin as the slices that delis cut their meats into, to 1-inch thick slices. No matter what kind of food you want to prepare, this meat slicer will make sure that all your meat slices will be exactly as thin or thick as you want them.


Another important thing about slicers is ease of use and maintenance and luckily, the Chef’s Choice 609 doesn’t disappoint in those aspects either. It features special cantilever design and a very large food carriage, that will allow you to slice your meats as efficiently and easily as possible. As far as maintenance is concerned, its food carriage, blade, slice thickness selector and its food pusher, can all be removed and cleaned separately, while also allowing you to thoroughly clean the main unit itself. With just a little bit of effort and care every now and the, the 609 will always look as good as the day you bought it.


If you are looking for a really versatile, yet easy to use meat slicer for your home, or even small business, then the Chef’s Choice 609 is definitely the right choice for you. It will provide you with all pretty much all the features of a professional slicer, for just a fraction of the price. For more information, visit the link below.

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